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You’ve hired them; but how do you inspire them to stay?

Previously we have discussed attracting the right talent for your company; so now you have recruited great employees, how do you keep them? Recruiting and retaining a strong workforce pays – high engagement of employees equals improved customer and employee retention and an improvement in profitability. It’s common sense! You’ve done the hard bit, finding [...]

HR Consultant Asks – Good or Great employees?

Continuing our series on employee engagement; we now explore the ways in which you can build your team by attracting and choosing the great candidates. By ensuring you appeal to talented candidates; not only do you build on relevant skills and experiences, you create a workforce that is in tune with your business. Keeping your [...]

Improve Your Reputation at Work with Career Management Consultants

Improve Your Reputation at Work Using Career Management Consultants As a team of career management consultants, we know that how you are perceived at work can have a huge effect on the success (or failure) of your career. So if you are not sure how you are seen by others or if you are struggling to [...]

Bring Your Dog to Work Everyday

Why Do Career Management Consultants Think Bringing Your Dog To Work is a Good Idea? You may be aware that the 24th June is 'Bring Your Dog to Work Day', but unless you have an open-minded employer, it is more likely that your pet will stay at home, rather than celebrating its big moment in [...]

Top Tips for Executives Changing Industry

Career Advice For Changing Job Industry If you are an executive who feels like their career has stalled, that you are stuck in a sector that is slowly declining, or if you want to combine your skills and experience in a new arena, then changing industries could be the career move you are looking for. [...]

A Brief Overview of the Ever Changing World of Work

It should come as no surprise to you that as a company who offer career management in Manchester, we have noticed that the world of work is continuously changing. A lot of the executive coaching that we do is to help people try and keep up with the dizzying speed of change. After all, the [...]

Feeling Lost in Your Career? Here Are Our Top Tips for Turning it Around

Career Management Advice From The Experts As career management consultants with numerous years of experience, we know that many people often face moments in their career where they feel stuck-in-a-rut and are not quite sure what to do next. There could be many reasons why they are feeling like this and our job, as a [...]

What to Do After a Job Interview

Interview Tips & Advice from a HR Company As a company who offer HR Consultancy in Cheshire, we work with lots of people in a career management capacity. This means that not only do we coach them to proactively take hold of their career, but we also give them practical training and development to help [...]

How Can Millennials Get a Foothold in the Job Market Today?

The buzzword in the press at the moment seems to be 'millennials,' but what does this term mean? Well, millennials are those people who were born around the year 2000 and who are therefore just reaching early adulthood now. Why does this term matter to career management consultants in Manchester and the North West you [...]

Strengthening Your Recruitment Process

How to Use Marketing Principles to Improve Your Recruitment Process In 2016, we think that its safe to say that we are living in the age of the internet. The world wide web has changed so much about how we manage our lives and run our businesses. In business, traditional forms of advertising are increasingly [...]