European Court Holiday Pay Ruling

What does the latest Holiday Pay ruling mean to your business? A number of recent legal changes, most notably the recent case of Fulton v Bear Scotland Ltd, means that businesses really need to be on the ball when it comes to calculating holiday pay. According to the Working Time Regulations 1998, all personnel are [...]

Career Coaching From Triple Three

Career management is about taking control of your career. Through our career coaching, we'll help you to proactively work towards meeting the professional and personal objectives you want to get out of your career. Career coaching from Triple Three Solutions can bring a wealth of benefits. These may include: - achieving a higher salary, - [...]

Government Action Plan For Older Workers Released

The UK government has launched an action plan to help businesses recognise the value of older workers, as people live longer and are healthier into their later years. According to the Office for National Statistics there will be 700,000 less people in the 16 to 49 age bracket in the next decade, but there will [...]

How Does The Way You Dress Impact On The Workplace?

Have you ever considered what effect the way that you dress has upon your career? It may be something that you don't think about very often, but according to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, the clothes you wear can really impact upon how you perform in your job. It’s no [...]

Watch The Triple Three HR Consulting Video

People are the backbone of any business, but can also be the key source of risk. Watch our latest video to find out more. Triple Three Solutions identifies potential threats and finds ways to mitigate them in order to protect the reputation of your company and future business. Whether you're representing a small business, new [...]

How April’s Changes In Employment Law Affect You

From the 6th April 2014, five changes come into place in terms of employment law. This article summarises these amends and helps you determine what they mean for your business. The five changes include: Changes to SSP The end of discrimination questionnaires Penalties for employers who lose tribunal claims ACAS early conciliation The increase of [...]

New Childcare Subsidy: Everything You Need To Know

Under new government plans, up to 1.9 million working families in the UK will benefit from help with childcare. This should help more of the nation's worker feel the benefits of their labour, as research shows that the cost of childcare has increased by as much as 30 per cent since 2010. The average cost [...]

Minimum Wage Increases To £6.50 From October 2014

The government has confirmed its plans to increase minimum wage to £6.50 in October 2014. This is the largest increase in minimum wage since 2008 and will be welcomed by low paid workers. The new minimum wage increases come into effect on the 1st of October 2014, and are detailed as follows: 19p (3 per [...]

Time “Wasted” Addressing Female Under-Representation

In 2011, a 25 percent voluntary target was set for female representation in the boardroom by the year 2015. While HR departments have been working tirelessly to show that they are doing everything they can to address the imbalance of men and women in business, the belief is that it has made little impact. Critics [...]