How to Use Marketing Principles to Improve Your Recruitment Process

In 2016, we think that its safe to say that we are living in the age of the internet. The world wide web has changed so much about how we manage our lives and run our businesses. In business, traditional forms of advertising are increasingly seen as expensive and ineffective, and firms are having to be more creative with how they market themselves. This has lead many to delve into the world of social media, which provides a virtual platform for you to interact with customers and potential customers 24 hours a day. When it comes to recruiting new staff, how can you take some tips from the marketing department and sell your business to potential new employees?

Recruitment process

In order to attract the best staff, your business has to be an attractive place to work. You don’t have to have an on-site gym, a breakout room with beanbags or unlimited frothy coffee on tap. However, as with all marketing, it makes sense to accentuate the positives! You need to consider what makes your business a better place to work than your competitors?

In your company blog, or on social media, do you talk enthusiastically about the benefits of working for your business? What are the benefits of working for you and what can you offer your employees? This is not just in terms of salary and annual leave, but your company ethos and how you invest in staff training and development? Do you offer attractive flexible working? Are there interesting and exciting bonuses on offer, like stimulating business trips? What aspects of working for you add value above and beyond a monthly pay packet?

Where do you advertise your vacancies? Do you only advertise in newspapers, or do you cast your recruitment net out across social media? Make sure your recruitment adverts are on message and enticing. Think about what makes your business stand out from the crowd?

It makes sense to design your recruitment campaigns so that they lead to a single data collection point, such as an email capture form. This makes it easy and straight-forward for people to apply. Be visible to potential candidates across multiple platforms. This is of course much easier with social media, but you do need to research which is the best way for you to target your ideal candidates.

Additionally, it is important to write accurate and informative job descriptions. It’s a good idea to picture the perfect candidate and all of the skills and experience they’d need to do the job. Write a job description which lists the specific skills, competencies and attributes that your business requires to achieve its business goals and objectives.

With the help of Career Management Consultants, you can find the best way for your business to attract and recruit candidates of the highest calibre and manage and optimise your existing talent. Recruitment can be difficult to get right, but with help from the experts, you can attract the very best candidates.

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