Being in the position of first-time manager can be a daunting task. Often people are promoted into this challenging and vital role, yet offered little very support or training. With a role that involves a lot of responsibility over the business and over other members of staff, it is easy to make mistakes as you’re still learning. In this blog, Triple Three Solutions will cover some of the most common mistakes that new managers can make. From our HR perspective, some of these are the most crucial issues to address.

5 mistakes new managers make.

Making big changes too soon:

As you enter your new role, it can be exciting to have the power and ability to make changes within the organisation.  However, making the assumption that everything needs changing can come back to bite you. Remember that the choices made before you were likely made by your fellow team members, or your superiors. Avoid offending people and take your time getting to know the business and settle into your position before making any rash decisions.

Focusing on tasks, rather than people:

In the role of manager, you are thrown into a great amount of responsibility regarding the smooth running of the business. You will often have to juggle a vast amount of tasks, which will take up a lot of your time. However, it is crucial to remember the people within the business, whom you are in charge of. Whilst of course you should stay up to date with your tasks; we believe that the most important part of any organisation is the people within it. As manager, you have a responsibility to ensure your team is working to the best of its ability. Ideally, you will maintain that each and every team member is prioritised, listened to and overall, happy in their workplace.

Being overly controlling:

In par with the above, first-time managers can often become overwhelmed with their everyday tasks and the running of the organisation. This can take up a lot of your time and lead to a huge amount of stress. It is therefore incredibly beneficial to try to keep your mind on the bigger picture. Remember that the business does not simply rely on the manager, it would be impossible for it to run without the employees. Trust in your team to be good at their jobs and don’t try to control every little detail.

Trying to befriend everyone:

In contrast with being overly controlling, some managers make the mistake of holding back too much. A position of authority can be a challenge for some, as they fear being seen as intimidating. On your road to becoming an inspiring and great manager, finding the balance can be difficult. Our HR Advisors believe that the key is to listen to your team. Over time you will learn when to assert your authority, when to step back and listen, when to make quick decisions and when to let things happen naturally.

Not asking for help:

Remember that as with any new job, your position as manager can take time to settle into. Give yourself time to learn, avoid making these mistakes and become the manager you want to be. The last issue our HR Consultants want to address is the mistake of being afraid to ask for help. Being put in a position of authority and responsibility can make new managers worry that asking questions could make them look under-skilled for their role, or lose them some respect. However, it is more than often very much the opposite. Asking questions is always better than making assumptions that could lead to big problems; which would be much more embarrassing than asking for help.

Lastly, remember that you don’t have to do everything by yourself; especially when it comes to matters involving of the people within your organisation. Outsourced HR can help reduce the stress of your new role, whilst ensuring that your team is cared for in the best possible way.

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