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How April’s Changes In Employment Law Affect You

From the 6th April 2014, five changes come into place in terms of employment law. This article summarises these amends and helps you determine what they mean for your business. The five changes include: Changes to SSP The end of discrimination questionnaires Penalties for employers who lose tribunal claims ACAS early conciliation The increase of [...]

New Childcare Subsidy: Everything You Need To Know

Under new government plans, up to 1.9 million working families in the UK will benefit from help with childcare. This should help more of the nation's worker feel the benefits of their labour, as research shows that the cost of childcare has increased by as much as 30 per cent since 2010. The average cost [...]

Minimum Wage Increases To £6.50 From October 2014

The government has confirmed its plans to increase minimum wage to £6.50 in October 2014. This is the largest increase in minimum wage since 2008 and will be welcomed by low paid workers. The new minimum wage increases come into effect on the 1st of October 2014, and are detailed as follows: 19p (3 per [...]

How do performance management appraisals benefit your business?

As a manager it’s easy, and often incredibly tempting, to put off appraisals or performance evaluations for your staff in favour of getting the job done. In lots of workplaces, managers shy away from these sessions because they don’t like confronting their workers with bad news - or, quite simply, because there’s nothing really that [...]

Time “Wasted” Addressing Female Under-Representation

In 2011, a 25 percent voluntary target was set for female representation in the boardroom by the year 2015. While HR departments have been working tirelessly to show that they are doing everything they can to address the imbalance of men and women in business, the belief is that it has made little impact. Critics [...]

Trust. Why It’s A Vital Business Element

In recent research, the CIPD has found that 37 percent of employees don’t trust their senior managers, and 33 percent think the trust between employees and senior managers is weak. Without trust, many businesses find themselves in turmoil, whether that lack of trust relates to the public or those within the organisation. John Cridland, director-general [...]

Recruitment strategy. What recruitment strategy?

So you need to recruit someone into the business? It seems a rationale decision, you are expanding the business, you have noticed that you are working longer hours, getting home later, more customers/clients to see, those few people you do employ don’t seem to be able to take on any of the additional work you [...]

Recruitment – Golden Rules

  In a previous blog, we refer to ‘getting the right people on the bus’ (Jim Collins – Good to Great). Based on our experience there are some golden rules to consider when choosing those people to take up the valuable seats on your bus. We have picked just 10, I am sure as you [...]

Stranger on a plane

How often do you sit and chat to complete strangers? Most of us when we are on business trips, plane or train, just get our heads down, bring out a combination of the laptop, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Android phone (and in some case all of the above!), without picking our heads up to engage in [...]

Are you a Sat Nav manager?

As I attempted to circum navigate a huge traffic jam, using my Sat Nav, which kept telling me ‘to turn around when possible, I became increasingly frustrated and contemplated turning it off. It only became silent as I got on to a recognised route picked up via the GPS,  it made me think about how [...]