Whatever industry you work in, disputes happen, things don’t always go to plan and personalities clash. Often, issues can be nipped in the bud if spotted early by management and dealt with effectively and fairly for all parties involved. However, sometimes issues escalate and can end up in a stressful and costly employment tribunal. No one really wants to go to court, especially as it now costs £1,200 for complainants to get their case before a tribunal judge.

Employees or former employees can make a claim to an employment tribunal if they feel they have been treated unlawfully by their employer. Unlawful treatment can include unfair dismissal, discrimination and unfair deductions from their pay. The employment tribunal will listen to the evidence and make a decision accordingly. However, managing problems within the workplace with mediation can be a better, more amicable solution, and one which may if needed help promote real change within a workplace.Avoiding-Employment-Tribunal

If your business and the well-being of your staff is suffering because of personality conflicts, bad practice or discrimination, then bringing in local external HR Consultancy Services in the  Cheshire and Manchester area with expertise in conflict resolution and mediation could resolve issues before the escalate into a costly and damaging employment tribunal. By utilising an external company, all parties involved can be assured of independent support, advice and decision making throughout the process.

It could be that your business may need to make some changes to its working practices to eradicate discriminatory behaviours and unfair practices. Perhaps a particular team isn’t working effectively together and requires not only conflict resolution but also some reorganisation. Whatever the issue; with the help of an external mediator the problem can be quickly identified and dealt with effectively.

Studies show that workplace mediation can resolve up to 80% of disputes before they end up in an employment tribunal. Mediation helps people who don’t see eye to eye sort out their differences as quickly as possible, saving time, money and reducing stress. It’s important that the circumstances of the mediation are right; the room is comfortable for everyone, privacy and confidentiality guaranteed and that there is plenty of time set aside for the whole process.

Some issues may require several mediation sessions, sometimes the people involved will need to take some time to think the issues over and come to a decision. Whatever the problem, independent mediation can be the first and most important step you take to resolving the problem and working to move forward. Tapping into the expertise of an external HR consultant can also help your business to introduce policies and new ways of working to prevent the issue resurfacing in the future.

Mediation is a real alternative to going to a tribunal and an effective way to manage problems within your workplace.

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