Why Do Career Management Consultants Think Bringing Your Dog To Work is a Good Idea?

You may be aware that the 24th June is ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’, but unless you have an open-minded employer, it is more likely that your pet will stay at home, rather than celebrating its big moment in your office. However, recent research by The International Journal of Workplace Health Management has shown that when dogs are allowed into a workplace, not only does morale improve but stress levels were reduced as well.

Many business owners are put off the thought of having animals in the workplace, as they don’t have a sufficient pet policy covering things such as health & safety, hygiene, and logistical issues. Of course, in some businesses, it makes sense not to allow animals – restaurants and supermarkets for example. But when it comes to offices that are not public facing, it can make perfect sense to allow a dog or two as it can do wonders for your employee’s mental health and productivity at a very low cost to you.

The benefits of allowing dogs into offices have been shown to include:

  • Reduced stress levels – When dogs are present, people tend to have lower blood pressure and can cope with stressful situations better. Stroking a dog can also stimulate the release of serotonin and dopamine, the so-called ‘happy hormones’ which in turn lower blood pressure and reduce stress.
  • Increase in Productivity – Numerous studies have shown that employees are more productive when they take short breaks and get some fresh air during the working day. Having a dog around will encourage otherwise sedentary workers to get up and move around.
  • Improvement in Attendance – A recent survey of workplaces that allowed dogs into the office showed that over half of them said that having a dog around had noticed a decrease in the number of employee absences. This could be due to:
  • The increase in Morale – over 90% of employers who allow dogs into the workplace have stated that they have seen a positive change in the work environment, with over 50% stating that work relationships have improved and 67% stating that worker’s morale had improved.

As a team of career management consultants, we think that allowing dogs into workplaces is a great idea, as long as you have a pet policy in place. Our top five tips of things to include in a pet policy would be:

  • Dogs should be healthy, vaccinated and insured
  • Employees should have a comfy place beside their desk for their pet
  • Employees should ensure they have a clean water bowl beside their dog’s bed
  • There should be sufficient toys available to keep the dog entertained
  • Employees should take regular breaks for toilet and exercise duty

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