In recent years, employee mental health is thankfully getting higher on the agenda for businesses in the UK. This is something that Triple Three Solutions feels very strongly about; recognising employee well-being and the connection it has to productivity in the workplace. In a previous blog, we discussed the importance of being aware of your staff’s mental health. We also suggested some ways in which you can reduce work related stress. However, whilst any efforts made to improve employee happiness are fantastic, sometimes it may not be quite enough.

Our HR Advisors know that it is crucial that staff well-being is taken seriously. However, we also understand the potential difficulties for employers. Of course, everyone hopes that their organisation is a place where employees are happy, healthy and productive. But if they aren’t, it can be hard to pin-point what changes need to be made.

This in mind, we may have a solution.

A Chief Happiness Officer.

Whilst perhaps still one of the most controversial job titles out there, Chief Happiness Officers (CHO) are becoming more and more popular across the globe. Prioritising staff well-being should never be an afterthought; only to be enforced when you ‘have the time’. A CHO can dedicate their efforts into ensuring your employees mental health and happiness are being considered at all times.

Promoting happiness, then, isn’t a simple ’box-ticking’ exercise achieved with the quick introduction of a ping-pong table or a novelty slide, it’s about focusing on the human experience as a whole and ensuring that employees share the values of the company they work for.’ –

What does a Chief Happiness Officer actually do?

A CHO is a HR Professional who is focused on keeping employees happy and engaged in the workplace. In turn, they aim to improve staff productivity, loyalty and a generally positive work environment. The goal is to treat each and every member of the business as a human being who truly matters, rather than just another number in the system. Chief Happiness Officers also give staff members a voice within the company. ‘The unique individuals working for your company need to be heard. For that, they need proper channels, guidelines and an action path that ensures a response to their needs and ideas.’ –

You can directly employee a Chief Happiness Officer, or if you outsource your HR services, HR Consultants such as Triple Three Solutions can dedicate their services to working as a CHO for your organisation.

Although based on US statistics, this quote from  Queens School of Business helps demonstrate the effect that prioritising employee engagement can have on your business: ‘Organizations with low employee engagement scores saw 18% lower productivity, 16% lower profitability, 37% lower job growth, and 65% lower share price over time.’

In summary, the role of a Chief Happiness Officer is to increase morale within the workplace; making your organisation a great place to work with a high rate of employee engagement. They work to benefit both employees and employers, with genuine methods for positive results.

Does your business need one?

In short, it depends. If your business is already doing everything it can to ensure employee happiness and engagement, then the addition of a Chief Happiness Officer may not be necessary. However, if you feel your business could benefit from some help in this area, a CHO may well be a step in the right direction to making your business everything you want it to be.

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