It’s that time of year again already! Amongst the Christmas parties and festive fun, you’re in a mad rush to get everything finished before the year is up. You tell yourself that next year will be different, that you’ll be more organised – you say that that will be one of your New Year’s resolutions. Along with healthy eating and quitting smoking, how long will that last? With the excitement of a new year and a new start, many of us make promises to ourselves that we won’t keep. Motivation wears off after the holiday season and we fall back into our old patterns and habits.

Studies have shown that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them‘.–

If you were to make just three resolutions for your business in 2020, who would hold you accountable? Here at Triple Three Solutions, we can help you to make sure you achieve your goals and more in the upcoming year. Through executive coaching, you will learn to set, plan and accomplish things that you wouldn’t be able to without knowledgeable and experienced support. As you read this blog, think about your own New Year’s resolutions and how outsourcing help could make those dreams come true.

New Year’s resolutions: So how can executive coaching help?

Choosing resolutions:

By getting to know you and your business, we can work together to create specific, targeted resolutions that will eventually have a measurable result. Lack in intent is often what leads to the downfall of many New Year’s resolutions, be them business or personal.

Generally, most people’s New Year’s resolutions tend to revolve around themes such as:

  • Read more
  • Exercise more
  • Eat healthier
  • Learn a new language…

These may sound like great resolutions but each one lacks any specificity, and it’s usually the lack of specificity which can create a lack of follow through. Technically, a New Year’s resolution is a goal that you want to achieve and like with any goal you need to be clear on what you want your end result to be‘. –

Creating a strategy:

Another common downfall in making resolutions is not knowing or planning how you will achieve them. A coach will help you to set an end goal that will help you to visualise and work out your journey to success. Along with this, we can track your progress with clear dates and deadlines to keep you on track.

Holding accountability:

When we make New Year’s resolutions in our personal life, it’s common practice to announce them to our family and friends to motivate yourself with accountability. However, whilst family and friends obviously want the best for you and want you to achieve your goals, they are never really accountable for your resolutions. A coach will be fully invested in helping you and will motivate you through any doubts or dips in progress, to get you back to business.

Dealing with failure:

So, what happens if you do slip up? Not a problem! Through training and experience, coaches know how to prepare for any potential issues. We understand that life doesn’t always go as planned. Be it through illness, personal life or anything else, an immeasurable number of things could impact your ability to stick to your resolutions. This in mind, whilst creating a strategy for the year, coaches will take into account any setbacks (or even roadblocks) that could hinder your resolutions and their development.

Planning to fail doesn’t mean that you expect to fail, but rather than you know what you will do and how you will get back on track when things don’t work out.’ –

Through this planning and through frequent follow-ups, yourself and your coach will be able to monitor and achieve your goals over time regardless of any failures or mistakes.

Start your 2020 the right way:

Does this sound too good to be true? Speak to us for more information on how Triple Three Solutions can help you to make 2020 your year for your business. For this or for any other HR Advice, please get in touch. Give our HR Consultants a call on 0333 050 3330, use our contact page or reach us via email at