Improve Your Reputation at Work Using Career Management Consultants

As a team of career management consultants, we know that how you are perceived at work can have a huge effect on the success (or failure) of your career. So if you are not sure how you are seen by others or if you are struggling to overcome a negative reputation, for whatever reason, then we have pulled together some tips to help you ensure that you are well known within your company for the right reasons.

Discover Your Reputation

Your reputation has little to do with what you say about yourself and more to do with what other people are saying about you. Our years of management consulting have taught us that while you think you have a handle on how others see you, the reality can be quite different. So, how do you go about finding out the truth about what sort of reputation you have at work? You can start by thinking about what you have heard people say about you after you have had a conversation or meeting with them.  Do they say that you are always helpful, know your area of expertise, or that you always come up with ideas?

To really be sure you need honest feedback from colleagues, clients and managers so in your next review try asking your manager what three words come to mind when they think of you. However, you need to keep in mind that most people won’t be comfortable telling you about any attributes that you have that are less than positive, even if you have requested that they give you their honest opinion.  For this reason, then, it might be a good idea to speak to someone within your company that you consider a trusted mentor, someone you know that will be honest with you and can help you understand how you created your reputation in the first place, and what behaviour you are showing that is adding to it.

Improve Your Visibility

You may be great at your job but your reputation just doesn’t seem to reflect this, and this could mean that you need to spend some time improving your visibility. Most people aren’t great at blowing their own trumpet, but if you don’t celebrate your own success then nobody else will do it for you! When you have done something great, why not post about it on your companies intranet or send a company-wide email out? Many companies nowadays have employee recognition schemes, so you can always put your name forward or prompt your manager to nominate you. The reason that they don’t think about nominating you themselves may not be because they don’t think you deserve it, they may just be busy doing other things, or they may not realise that there is something they can nominate you for. So, taking a moment to respectfully remind them of what you’ve achieved could be just the nudge they need.

Shedding Your Negative Reputation

Whether your reputation is deserved or not, it can have a habit of sticking and be very hard to change. If you have a negative reputation, it could be down to just one mistake you made, or it could be due to a combination of shared opinions over a period of time. Once you are aware of your negative reputation, you need to immediately start working on changing your behaviour before you even think about introducing a more positive set of values. One way of doing this is to change the language that you use and the way that you present things. For example, you may think that you are being a realist, but your views can come across as being negative and so you would then need to think about reframing the way you come across so that instead of being the person who always rubbishes an idea, you are the one who puts an alternate suggestion forward.

Take Control

Once you have begun to take control of your reputation by changing your negative behaviour, you can then work on introducing more positive behaviour into your working day. Think about your reputation as your brand, and think about what you want to be known for, what is unique about you and then start letting everyone know. For example, if you want to be seen as the expert in your subject then make sure you send colleagues useful links to relevant information, and see if you can contribute an informative blog to your company’s website.

Whatever you want your reputation to be, remember that it will take some time to be built up and it can be hard work, particularly at the beginning. Of course, if your reputation is particularly poor and you find that nothing you are doing is changing your perception within your company, then it may be time to start afresh and move to a different company where you can develop a new reputation.

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