Life Coach; Sports Coach; Business Coach, you will have met people who describe themselves as a ‘coach’. So why is it important to have a coach? Ask any competing sports person the benefits of having someone in their lives who help them perform to their absolute best to achieve optimum performance. So why shouldn’t it be like that at work? We all want to do our best, right?

Triple Three Solutions client’s know how their employees develop when they are coached on an ongoing basis and not just met with once or twice a year via an outdated appraisal process. Now here’s the thing; why is it so important to create a culture of development that puts coaching at the heart of its business?

A coaching culture enables your company to grow and nurture talent. It’s not a mythical or magical concept – it just takes commitment and great communication skills to make it happen.

This article provides the following to help you understand a little more how adopting a coaching approach to development will help you and your organisation;

  • What is a coaching culture?
  • How do you create and develop a strong coaching culture?
  • And lastly, how can Triple Three Solutions help?

First things first…

What do we mean by coaching culture?

Put simply, a coaching culture means supporting your employees learning of new skills. You help them to develop professionally and to be become a greater asset to the company. Emphasis on staff training, valuable opportunities and regular feedback helps to motivate and engage employees in an organic, ongoing way.

Coaching is a predominant style of managing and working together, and where a commitment to grow the organisation is embedded in a parallel commitment to grow the people in the organisation.’ – Clutterbuck and Megginson: Making coaching work, 2012, p19.

As we said before, a coaching culture is not simply providing the occasional training session. A true coaching culture should be a natural part of your organisations day-to-day. It is a part of your business’ culture that ensures all of your employees can reach their highest potential – just like any athlete – performing at their absolute best. A great coaching culture delivers results for both staff and the business; it deals with all issues as they happen and helps create a strong, successful business.

Remember that all coaching cultures will be different. They are based on your organisation’s culture, business models, history and more. The main focus is to create a place to work that is both challenging yet rewarding and stimulating. The goal is to get the absolute most from your employees, with minimal pressure and stress. They all want to achieve their goals, so why not help them to do that? This is where it is magical, seeing people grow and develop brings great rewards for them, their manager and the business as a whole.

Coaching culture basics:

The following list from sums up what the ideal coaching culture may look like from a ‘fly-on-the-wall’ perspective.

  • Managers looking for opportunities to help others to learn.
  • People asking each other open questions.
  • Employees at all levels having open, honest and supportive conversations with one another.
  • People routinely giving one another feedback even when it’s difficult – and giving both supportive and critical feedback.
  • Managers coaching team members to help them develop, rather than just to tackle poor performance.
  • Coaching and mentoring relationships forming without people being told.
  • Senior leaders with a clear vision that coaching and mentoring are at the heart of how we operate.
  • Teams working together with shared purpose and with clear goals, roles, processes and relationships (relatively few people will be ‘playing politics’).
  • A pragmatic focus on delivering results and at the same time building the long-term health of the business.

How do you create a strong coaching culture?

Listen: One of the most important parts of getting the most out of your employees is to make sure they are happy. Be sure to ask more questions than you answer; instilling a business culture that supports and provides for its employees. Along with showing that you respect and appreciate your employees; this approach can empower them and develop their problem-solving skills.

Get help: Of course, developing your coaching culture is a very time consuming project. The best way to ensure you are getting the most out of your business is to start from the top. HR professionals such as Triple Three Solutions can help take off the pressure by getting to know your organisation and its people and creating a coaching culture strategy and routine that you can reinforce and develop over time.

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