Any business which employs people, whatever the businesses size or sector, needs to be able to manage these people effectively in order for a business to grow and develop. HR can be quite a complex subject, which involves lots of different topics, so why not hire an HR business partner to help you. Triple Three Solutions can help you get the best out of your employees, improve your compliance record, and contribute to a more successful and profitable business for you.

Triple Three Solutions offer a wide range of services from career coaching and change management, to Health & Safety policy support, or attraction strategies and succession planning.

Audit of Procedures

The first step in your relationship with any HR Management Consultancy should be an audit of current procedures. Triple Three Solutions will conduct a thorough investigation of your record keeping, health & safety, and security to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of your current practices, policies and procedures. Once the audit has been completed, Triple Three Solutions will be able to identify if there are any important documents missing, or any poor procedures in place, and from there determine what the next steps are to protect your business.

Ensuring that your material human resource risks are as low as possible will also help with the value of your company. The risks and opportunities identified by a thorough audit will give you a competitive edge in any negotiations you enter in to.

Recruitment & Retention

Attracting high-quality candidates to work for your business is a vital first step in the recruitment process in order to ensure that you have a productive workforce. Getting this step wrong can be disastrous in terms of time wasted, costs of training wasted, a potential loss of business productivity, and of course the actual cost of the recruitment process. Triple Three Solutions use tried and tested methods to help you write a great job description and person specification, in order for you to attract the right candidates who clearly understand your organisation, the job role and what rewards they can expect.

Equally, once the employee has joined the company it is really important to get the induction process right in order to set the foundation for a long and productive employer/employee relationship. You don’t want to spend all that time and effort in finding the right person, only for them to leave a few weeks later. Triple Three Solutions can help you put in place a strategy which covers recruitment, development, rewards and employee retention in order to ensure that your workforce stays happy and productive.

Learning & Development

Allowing your employees to develop themselves will help to ensure that your business continues to grow and that you can adapt to changes in the market more quickly. The more skilled your employees are, the more able they are to meet your businesses demands and therefore improve the profit of your business. Triple Three Solutions use recognised models of learning excellence to help your employees to achieve their employee development goals, using a mix of on the job training, coaching, mentoring and workshops. Matching your employees’ personal development aims to the goals of your business, and ensuring that these aims are met should ensure that your employees remain committed to your business, and its future success.

Performance Management

Once you have recruited the right people, and are developing them to be the best they can be, you also need to think about performance management. People are the backbone of any business, but they can also have a negative effect on your business, e.g., a high level of sickness absence, poor conduct, producing sub-standard work, dealing with customers in a negative way, etc.

Triple Three Solutions can help you to identify potential performance problems, and ensure you have a robust performance management process in order to deal with these problems successfully.

Performance management is not just about tackling poor performance though, it is also about highlighting superb performance. Triple Three Solutions will work with you to identify the employees within your business who are achieving a great standard of performance, and how you can encourage them to continue being the best and contributing immensely to your business.

HR Procedures and Processes

The HR systems, procedures and processes you use need to support your business objectives. Triple Three Solutions will work with you to ensure that we understand the objectives of your business and the challenges you face, and then draw up a plan of action to help you move forward with these objectives.

Triple Three Solutions offer a cost-effective, flexible way to manage your employee’s data from initial recruitment to retirement, through strategic HR system suppliers. The system you choose can be used to help your business keep track of recruitment, placement, performance appraisal, salary, and training and development. Triple Three Solutions will make sure that you have the right system for your business to ensure that the manual workload of such administration is reduced.

Change Management

Businesses can go through large periods of change at any moment in time. Things like economic downturns, changes in government legislation, technological developments and competitive pressures can all have an impact on your business and the people within it. Triple Three Solutions can work with you and your management team to help you introduce and manage change, ensure your change management objectives are met, whilst ensuring that your whole team is on board and able to cope with any changes successfully.

Triple Three Solutions can also help your employees deal with change on a one-to-one basis, for example if they are leaving your company. Triple Three Solutions can provide coaching support to ensure the individual can re-orient themselves to the current job market, improving their chances of finding a new job with another organisation.

Health & Safety

Every business has a legal obligation to ensure the health & safety of their employees whilst they are at work – and this also has the benefit of ensuring a motivated, productive and happy team too. Triple Three Solutions will work with you to ensure that your health & safety policy meets all the necessary legal requirements, whilst ensuring it is tailored especially to your business. We work with specialist Health & Safety consultants to meet those needs.

Talent Management