Career Management Advice From The Experts

As career management consultants with numerous years of experience, we know that many people often face moments in their career where they feel stuck-in-a-rut and are not quite sure what to do next. There could be many reasons why they are feeling like this and our job, as a career coach, is to help them to take a look at themselves, discover why they are feeling stuck and help them to turn their career around and move forward again. Here are some of the tips we have gathered from our many years of career counselling:

  1. Take an inventory of yourself:

Look back at the jobs you have held since you started to work and think about what you enjoyed most about them, and which skills you enjoyed using. What have your best experiences been, and what made them so memorable? What have other people told you your greatest strengths are in the world of work? Use this information to make a list of the skills, experiences and strengths you have in order to determine what exactly it is that you have to offer.

  1. Sell Yourselfcareers advice

How often do you promote yourself at work and tell other people what a great job you have done? Just reading this may make you uncomfortable, but think about it from this angle – if you don’t market yourself in the workplace, who will? If you have done some great work, won an award or have achieved something else, then let people know about it – especially if it something that will have a positive impact on the business in general.

  1. Seek Feedback on a Regular Basis

As career management consultants we often see people who have failed to seek feedback from their boss on a regular basis, instead waiting until their annual review. Receiving regular feedback means that you can learn about your strengths and weaknesses and mostly importantly learn from them. Regular meetings with your boss will also build trust and allow you to create a relationship with them whereby they will be more likely to give you opportunities to shine.

The best advice we can give to anyone in the world of work is to be consistently strategic with your career. Take some time to identify the skills and tasks that will lead to a promotion within your company and then dedicate some time to perfecting these areas. Consistently asking for feedback and developing yourself means you are constantly taking action that will not only advance yourself, but the company too.

However, there are times when whatever you do at work your situation just does not improve. This could be an indication that it is time to move on. If you honestly feel that moving to another job is your only option, then at least you can use your inventory from tip 1 to identify the skills and experiences that you have to offer other employers.

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