The world of business has changed dramatically in 2020, and we’re only halfway through the year! In March, many UK companies had to quickly change their approach to working from home (WFH) and flexible working, through necessity. What was once a “we’ll try it one day”, suddenly became the only option. As a result, we have inadvertently engaged in a ‘working from home’ experiment, with mixed results. As lockdown restrictions loosen, business owners must reflect on how WFH has impacted their business and employees and decide how to continue going forward. In this blog, Triple Three Solutions will discuss the pros and cons, for both employers and employees. Along with this, we will look at how to utilise flexible working during (and after) the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Both working from home and shorter working weeks have been applauded by human resources experts as an alternative to a mass return to offices.’ –

Pros & cons (infographic):

Triple Three Solutions pros and cons of working from home infographic

As you can see, there are many potential pros and cons to flexible working. However, they all depend largely on your business’ and employee’s needs. Consider your company individually, rather than following what your industry is doing, and find what works best. Open, honest communication is key to finding the right balance for your organisation. Ask employees for feedback, consider personal circumstances and offer support to those who need it. What’s more, you should ensure that any changes (even temporary) are made clear in writing and are reviewed on a regular basis.

The ‘new normal’, or a better one?

“COVID has made employers move away from traditional thinking that productivity is contingent upon set hours within an office environment,” – HR consultant Emily Draycott-Jones via

Many office-based businesses are currently facing the challenge of getting ‘back to work’ after working from home. In our previous blog, we discussed how to address some of these potential difficulties. There is a lot to think about; COVID-19 safety measures both in the office and whilst commuting, employee mental health, clients/customers, financial strains and more. This in mind, with giants in tech such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google and more taking on WFH and flexitime in a big way, it’s clear that this pandemic has made employers rethink the office day-to-day.

‘Few of the monumental decisions taken by IT companies:

333 Can Help:

Overall, the ‘return to work’ offers us all an opportunity to make changes for the better. The workplace may not return to how we remember, but by addressing our practices and policies we can develop a new, improved normal. Whether you make temporary changes such as staggered shift patterns for social distancing or introduce permanent flexitime, Triple Three Solutions can help.

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