Recruitment Help…we are here to help!

This is the third and final blog in our short series about navigating the recruitment process. In the first blog post we looked at advertising, shortlisting and interviewing and in our second blog we looked at making a job offer and undertaking some pre-employment checks. In our final instalment, we will look at making your new employee feel welcome, with a good induction and the benefit of a well written staff handbook.micro

Welcoming your new employee into your business is an exciting and potentially nerve-racking time for both of you. It’s important to get your relationship right from day one, giving them the time and information they need to settle into their new role and find a place within your company. It’s wise to set out an induction plan before they arrive, giving them a plan to follow and a series of meetings with key team members over the first few days and weeks of their employment with you.

On day one their manager should be able to sit down with them for a few hours and go through the staff handbook, outlining some of the more pertinent policies and procedures and arranging for any essential workplace training they will need, such as health and safety, etc. The manager should also give them a tour of the building, arrange for any passwords or keys to be given to them as well as security ID. A little time spent at their desk, finding their feet is also very useful on their first day.

Talk to your new employee and outline some tasks for them to begin work on, preferably something that will allow them to meet colleagues and to start to find their way around the systems at your workplace. Try not to overload them with information or tasks to complete, especially not in the early days. Finding your feet can be hard work, tiring and stressful.

Staff handbooks are an invaluable tool for any new starter and also for established employees. A well written staff handbook should contain all of the policies and procedures in place, as well as information relating to the building, its use and also information about the working week as well as a ‘mission statement’ for the business. The handbook should exist as a handy guide for both employees and managers alike; it should contain as much information as possible to help your employee to adhere to the rules, regulations and expectations within your business.

Having a qualified HR professional put together, your staff handbook can be a useful investment, and help iron out any potential problems further down the line. It is so important to get the whole recruitment process right first time, with the guiding hand of an HR Consultancy Service, your business can employ success.

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