New figures from UK Trade and Investment for 2013/2014 have shown that the country has attracted the highest level if inward investment projects since records began.

The current figures show the UK attracted 14 per cent more projects than last year.

This country is the number one place for foreign direct investment projects when compared to figures for the the whole of Europe.

During the 2013/2014 financial year, foreign businesses set up a total of 1,773 investment projects in the UK and 66,390 new jobs were created.

Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed the announcement, which was made in Glasgow last week. He said: “Part of our long-term economic plan for the UK is about promoting every part of our country to the world and Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games will give us another fantastic platform to do this.

“I promise this Government will continue to work on behalf of every hardworking business in the UK to drum up trade, encourage investment and pave the way for growth so we can generate jobs, pay our way in the world, and create stability, security and a brighter future for our country.”

Investments are being attracted to the UK from all over the world, from both well-established economic partners such as Japan, the USA and European countries. However, there has been a notable increase in investment from growing markets such as India and China too.