HR Tips to Help you Hold the Perfect Work Christmas Party

With Christmas fast approaching, our minds are beginning to turn to the infamous work Christmas party. Although these events are intended to be fun and encourage team building amongst staff, sometimes a mixture of high spirits and alcohol risk staff acting inappropriately and causing HR issues. What happened at your last work Christmas party? Or would you rather not remember?

Triple Three Solutions, experienced HR advisors in Manchester, thought that we would share some of our advice on how to throw a hassle-free Christmas work party this year.

We aim to highlight types of issues you may face and identify ways of dissolving the situation or minimizing the risk of misconduct.

Make Sure Staff Know What is Expected of Them

At work on a day-to-day basis, staff members adhere to workplace rules and regulations, and this should be no different at the office party. Remind employees that the party is a work related extension, and although it is more informal, they are still expected to act in a professional manner.

Plan Thoroughly

Make sure that everyone is accounted for at the party. Today’s society is very multicultural and diverse and many people have different needs and requirements which need to be addressed and thought out:

  • Lots of people do not drink for religious or health reasons, so both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks need to be served.
  • Vegetarianism and veganism are becoming increasingly popular. In addition, certain religions can not eat specific foods, for example, Hindus do not eat beef and Jews do not eat pork. So, make sure that you offer delicious alternatives to cater for everyone.
  • Make certain that you are aware of any staff members with food allergies, such as nut allergies or gluten allergies and provide options for them.
  • If you employ disabled staff, ensure that the party venue is easily accessible for wheelchairs etc.
  • Do not make attendance compulsory in case it clashes with religious holidays.

Be Drink Aware

Did you know that if a member of your staff becomes intoxicated, it is the employer’s responsibility to take them home and make sure that they are safe? So, perhaps think about limiting the availability of alcohol to avoid any drunken misconduct. When staff have to much to drink, this is when sexual harassment issues can arise, so it is important to monitor the amount alcohol consumed and take disciplinary action if necessary.

In addition, organise transport home for staff members after the party, to avoid anyone driving home after the event over the limit. If you employ under 18 years olds, make sure that the party venue allows under 18s and remind them that drinking alcohol is not allowed.

Social Media

Take care to reiterate your social media policy. Positive content is welcomed, however inappropriate tweets, posts etc. will not be tolerated. As HR advisors in Manchester, we have seen how this type of misconduct can negatively impact a business’s reputation.

Ultimately, work Christmas parties are meant to be enjoyed! We hope that by following our corporate party advice, you can avoid any HR issues and throw an incident-free Christmas party. For more information on HR please contact us on 0333 050 3330 or email us at