Today, more than ever, it is critical to develop a strong and unique business culture. With so many organisations out there competing for great staff and attracting profitable clients or customers; the right culture, environment, beliefs and values could mean the difference between you being chosen over your competition. You may say, ‘so what?’. Developing a culture that is built on your vision and values, is like building a house on sound foundations. The lack of either, in both cases, is likely to have severe repercussions. Disengaged staff, high turnover, no feeling of ‘oneness’ – and the house, well those cracks start to appear and it’s likely to fall down. This insight from Triple Three Solutions will discuss what we mean by ‘culture’, along with some of our top tips on how to build and grow your own.

What do we mean by ‘culture’?

First and foremost, ‘A company’s culture is its identity.’ – 

‘Culture is dynamic… it represents both what brings people together, but also what drives people apart’.

Your business culture is how you want your organisation to be seen by everyone; in line with your own values and priorities. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s as easy as free coffees and a few motivational quotes up on the wall. There is much more to creating a positive business culture.

A real business culture is not based on the perks that you offer, be it ‘dress down Fridays’ or a football table. A true culture is based on the values that you and your employees live by day-to-day; your passions, motivations and more. Define your values and morals and most importantly, ensure that you live by them. There is no use in using buzzwords to attempt to create a business culture unless you truly follow them.

Triple Three Solutions believe that the people in your business are top priority. This in mind, it is crucial to create a business culture that attracts and keeps all of the right people and be brave enough to let those go ‘who aren’t on the bus’ – let alone in the ‘right seat’ – Jim Collins: ‘Good To Great’. Remember that potential employees will most likely look at what everyday life is like within your workplace. Work/life balance, mental health priorities and more are all aspects that should be considered when developing your organisations culture.

4 simple ways to improve your business culture:

We understand that all of this can seem overwhelming. With this in mind, we have outlined a few basic areas to address.


One of the easiest ways to a strong business culture is transparency. A transparent business builds trust, which is a true foundation for a successful business in 2018. Encourage and enforce great communication, share your business’ challenges along with its successes and allow your workforce to gain a greater understanding of your organisation.


Nothing is worse than working incredibly hard, only to be overlooked and unappreciated. By making a conscious effort to recognise and reward valuable employees, you demonstrate that you care about their well-being and happiness. Whilst perks and bonuses are a nice way to show gratitude, as we said earlier, a culture is not simply built upon perks. Frequent feedback sessions and ‘catch-ups’ that explore how well people are doing and how they can be developed more, are a great way to show respect and appreciation within the workplace. After all, isn’t this what we all want at work.


Flexible working is becoming more common, whatever the age of your workforce, Millennial’s (GEN Y), Gen X and Z, Baby Boomers – they all have other things going on in their lives that may require a company to show a degree of flexibility. Recognising the benefits and importance to be more flexible can reduce your staff turnover along with increasing employee morale and mental health. As already mentioned, there are many reasons that an employee may need a flexible work schedule and by supporting them, you not only show that you care; you also open yourself up to a wider range of talent.


Key to a strong workplace culture, a great team environment is something to prioritise. Employees need to feel safe, valued and happy around their colleagues and in the workplace. The following quote from “The 4 Elements that Make a Great Culture” by Zach Bulygo sums it up perfectly.

“The difference between being a team and just a bunch of individuals is that the individuals see themselves as separate from each other. Helping others is forced because you normally operate on your own projects, or your own part in a larger project. Teams work together on all work related projects and help where necessary. It doesn’t matter who gets credit for what because you accomplish everything together. You’re knitted together, not separated.” – KISSmetrics blog

Encouraging and enforcing a strong team environment can increase productivity, along with building your positive workplace culture.

Overall, the key to a strong business culture is a foundation of great morals, beliefs and values. Remember to prioritise the people within your business, along with those who see it from the outside (such as new recruits, customers/clients and affiliates). For more information on how Triple Three Solutions can help, or for any HR Advice, please get in touch. Give our HR Consultants a call on 0333 050 3330 or contact us via email at