Culture – why is it so important in business and for the people it employs and the customer and clients it serves?

In order to attract great employees, loyal clients and customers, it is important to maintain the right environment, practice the right beliefs and hold the same values. You may think it doesn’t really matter, but upholding a strong business culture is the key to leading a successful business. Myth suggests that Peter Drucker claimed that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’. Despite this, a Survey by Mazars, the INSEAD business school in Paris and the Board Agenda magazine found that, despite culture being in the top three priorities for company boards, only 20% of 450 London-based directors and board members reported members not spending the time required to manage and improve it.

Without a strong business culture, you’re at risk of failing before you have begun! Poor business culture can cause employee disengagement, a high turnover rate and reduced team-work. In this blog, Triple Three Solutions will discuss the essentials of developing a great business culture. With our HR expertise, we pride ourselves on understanding what people in work want and need.

So what do we mean by ‘business culture’?

Overall, a business’s culture is how a company is identified. It is how they view themselves and how they want others to perceive them in terms of values, motivations and priorities. This in mind, we have summarised 4 of the most important features of creating a strong business culture.

The Working Environment:

One of the most important features in creating a strong business culture is making sure the environment is welcoming and comfortable for employees and any visiting clients or customers.

Making sure employees each have their own space, whilst making the office as communal as possible is essential to creating a positive, healthy atmosphere. Offices tend to have individual working spaces for employees to make their own, alongside a communal, comfortable area to eat lunches and take a break in a more relaxed setting. You can read more about the importance of the workplace environment in one of our previous blogs, here.

An office needs to look and feel welcoming to new recruits; this is their first impression of the company. An atmosphere with an open working environment that is transparent for employees will attract people who are driven and have similar values to the company. A transparent office also shows that the company is inclusive and respectful to one another.


The strongest businesses are the ones who communicate their goals, news, issues, changes and successes regularly with their employees. Ensure that everyone is aware of the company values, regardless of their role, and even more importantly, see that these values are communicated through everything that they do. When consistency is apparent and all employees are on the same page, businesses thrive.

Communication also involves recognition from managers. Being able to recognise talent, whether that’s with new recruits or current employees, boosts morale and work ethic. Team meetings are one of the best ways a company can solidify any new plans and ideas and gives employees a chance to communicate their most recent accomplishments. The idea of team meetings gives the chance for everyone to express their views and contribute to how the company can progress. Establishing that good decisions and ideas can come from anyone and everyone within a company is vital in creating a strong business culture.

Team Building:

Organising regular team-building exercises and activities is very important in creating a strong business culture. It helps employees get to know one another better and on a more personal level, whilst also breaking down barriers.

Team building allows individuals to develop their problem-solving skills as a team, whilst opening up to one another in a relaxed environment. Often, skills that have developed will then be transferred into the office environment to enable a more trusting, compatible team.


Leading on from the previous point, it is essential that a level of trust is generated amongst colleagues. When trust is apparent within a company, it automatically increases productivity, which ultimately brings in success. Trust enables a company to work as a team rather than individually, which completes tasks more efficiently and effectively.

When there is a strong level of trust within a business, it most definitely reflects within the work that is completed and it also becomes apparent to clients too! This is extremely important as clients prefer to work with a trusting team, which means they are more likely to bring positive feedback and recommendations.

Overall, the key to achieving a strong business culture is initially making sure you have built an office environment in which people will be impressed by and willing to work with. This is then followed by a solid foundation of trust, transparency and communication amongst employees and clients. For more information on how Triple Three Solutions can help, or for any HR advice, please get in touch. Give our HR consultants a call on 0333 050 3330 or contact us via email at