You don’t need us to tell you how important your employees are to the success of your business, after all without them you wouldn’t have a business. You need your employees to get your products out of the door and to deal with your customers in a polite and efficient way. However, being an HR Advisor Manchester, a recent report has come to our attention that shows that nearly one-third of employees are leaving their job within the first six months – and this is something that really worries us.

As we have mentioned above, not only do you rely on your employees to ensure your business runs smoothly but if you do have employees that leave this can cost you an arm and a leg when it comes to recruiting and training a replacement employee. Not only will you be losing experience and knowledge of your business, but a high staff turnover can also affect your remaining staff’s morale as well.

But all is not lost. We have pulled together some of our top tips aimed at helping you to improve your employee retention by creating a working environment that people will just not want to leave:

Hire the Right Person

Employee retention starts right back at the beginning of the hiring process and so the first thing you need to do is take a good long look at your procedures for hiring and your interview techniques. Whatever size of business you are running, what you want and dedicated and reliable employees who are passionate about your business and their role in it, and so you need to look beyond their experience and skills. Get this bit right, and the rest should slot into place. This is something that as an HR Advisor Manchester we can help with.

Have a Good Induction Process

Once you have chosen your new employee and they have come on board, it can be really tempting to sit them down and let them get on with the job. However, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that this is not the best way to start, and so you need to ensure you have a robust induction process in place. Make sure that there is someone positive available to show them around their new workplace, to introduce them to other members of staff, to help them learn the ropes and to generally inspire them to get involved. This will give them a positive start in your business and fill them with the confidence they need to make a really great impact.

Focus on Employee Engagement

Making sure your employees feel engaged in your business is really important, but can often be one of the hardest things to get right. Helping them to feel more connected with their job and the business is a great way to make sure they want to stay with you for longer. Some of the things we suggest to businesses, as an HR ADvisor Manchester,  are to celebrate key wins with your whole team and involve employees in discussions about the future of the idea – making sure that they feel able to give you ideas and feedback knowing that it will be not only be listened to but welcomed.


Larger companies may find it easier to offer benefits to employees than smaller companies, but there are easy ways that you can make your company a more appealing place to work whatever size of business you have. Think about offering flexibility in staff working hours, or a small staff discount on your products and services, or even something as simple as free fruit in the kitchen. Showing your staff that you value them will go a long way to helping them feel happier in their job and give them a feeling of wanting to work with you for longer.

Pay Well

Salaries are always a difficult area for people to discuss, especially if you are a small business who wants to keep overheads low. But, research has shown that it can cost between 30% and 50% of an employee’s annual salary to replace them, so doesn’t it make more sense to invest that money in your existing employees? It could really help to persuade them to stay, rather than allowing them to leave and then having to fork out to recruit and train someone else.

Regular Review Meetings.

Making time for regular catch-ups and reviews with employees will not only give you an opportunity to get to know them better but will give you a clearer idea of what they are good at, what they like most about their job and even where they see their career in five year’s time. There is no better way to ensure your staff are happy in their job than to listen to them, act on what you have heard and therefore improve retention at the end of the day.

These are just some of our tips to help you improve your employee retention, but if you would like any more help on any aspect of HR or Career Management then you can talk to an HR Advisor Manchester by calling 0333 050 3330 or by emailing