Many managers think it is easy to spot a ‘good’ employee – they are hardworking, dependable and proactive and bring a broad range of skills to the table. It is probably just as ‘easy’ to spot a poor employee as well. But how do you spot the ‘exceptional’ ones? As a company who offer service relating to HR in Cheshire and the surrounding areas, we know that pinpointing the qualities and skills an outstanding individual has can be difficult to do. So, we have pulled together this list for you, to help you spot which of your employees are potentially exceptional:

They Are Not Restricted by Their Job Description:

We have all come across those employees who refuse to do things because “it’s not in my job description”, and this can be really frustrating for managers. We work with many small companies who place great value on employees who are capable of thinking on their feet and are enthusiastic about doing whatever is needed, whether it is part of their role or not.  An exceptional member of staff will jump into projects without being asked to ensure the job gets done.

They Are a Team player with Individuality:

Being a team player is essential in any job, but exceptional employees always remember that they are an individual as well as a team member, and are not afraid to shake things up and make things more fun. They know exactly when to stop being fun and get serious though, and this balance is tough to achieve and is just one of the many things that make them stand out from the crowd.

They Praise in Public & Disagree in Private:

Everyone loves being praised, especially when it is their boss who is doing the praising. However, many people have stated that praise from their colleagues means even more. Exceptional employees are quick to recognise the achievements of others, especially in a group setting where they know their words will have the most impact.

Exceptional employees are also not afraid to discuss problems, but they make sure that they discuss it with the person involved rather than bringing it up in group session which could descend into a fight.

They Are Constantly Exploring:

There are some people who are never satisfied, and this can be frustrating, but, in an employee, it can be a splendid thing. Good employees will follow a process to the latter, whereas an exceptional one will tinker with it a little to make sure it is the best it can be. They don’t just blindly follow instructions but look for ways to reinvent processes to save the company both time and money.

They Have Drive:

Having drive is about more than just wanting to do a good job, it is about that something inside a person that motivates them to prove their doubters wrong. Exceptional employees not only have intelligence, talent, skills and education, but many of them are also drive by something deeper.

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