As a company offering help with HR in Cheshire, we know that doing well in an interview requires a certain amount of dexterity when it comes to handling the questions that are thrown at you. Research has shown that 90% of new hires in companies fail because of a mismatch in behavioral skills, and so we have found that many businesses are now putting more of an emphasis on finding the right cultural fit as part of the hiring process. With that in mind, we have pulled together a short list of five common interview questions that may throw you off your guard and reduce your chances of getting a job, and give you some tips on how to answer them successfully.

Why Do You Believe You Would Be Good at The Job?

Sometimes this question can come across as being a little confrontational, and indeed it could be a way of the interviewer trying to test you a little. The best way to handle this type of question, however, is to stay calm and confidently explain the reasons why you think you have what it takes to succeed. Give it a positive spin and treat it as an excellent way for you to show the interviewer why you are the best candidate for the job.

We Have a Lot of Candidates for this Job, Why Should We Hire You?

A very similar question to the one above, especially when asked in a way that is neither warm nor friendly. Again, the best way to answer this is to rephrase your relevant experience and key skills. Bear in mind that the interviewer is probably looking out for your confidence levels while you are answering these questions, and will be evaluating your ability to handle tough situations as well. So, stay calm.

Have You Ever Failed an Assignment or Done a Poor Job? Tell Me About It.

Nobody likes talking about their failures, especially not during a job interview, but your ability to be able to do this in a mature manner will go a long way in showing your ability to learn from your mistakes and your honesty. This question is used as a way of the interviewer to be able to see if you are able to take calculated risks and learn from your errors. Obviously, it may be wise to pick a situation that doesn’t reveal any unprofessional behaviour or serious mistakes that could raise some doubts about your suitability for the job you are interviewing for. Instead, pick a failure that happened due to a multitude of factors and wasn’t just something that happened because of something you did. Try and show your patience, perseverance, and grit in your answer as well.

Have You Ever Been Criticised? How Did You Handle It?

Sometimes asked as a follow on from the question above, this is all about you being able to show that you can take feedback positively by handling criticism and feedback well. Think about a situation you have been in when a colleague or manager gave you constructive feedback, and you took it on board to become better at your role. Again, steer clear of revealing any feedback that glaringly highlights your failings or that is highly negative!

What Are the Key Trends in our Industry? How Do You Think This Industry is Evolving?

Designed to let the interviewer evaluate your knowledge of the industry and your ability to understand the macro trends going on in it, this question is particularly important if you are moving industries as well as jobs. Take some time before the interview to study the relevant industry and identify the latest updates and key trends, especially the significant challenges it is facing. This is a great way for an interviewer to evaluate your keenness for the job, so make sure you study well.

These are just some of the more difficult questions you may come across as part of an interview, but if you would like to know more about how to answer them or want any other HR advice from a trusted company offering help with HR in Cheshire then please call us on 0333 050 3330 or send an email to