HR- People Risk Management

People are the backbone of any business, but can also be the key source of risk.

Absentee employees, a key player resigning or employees handling customers badly can all impact negatively on a business.

We identify potential threats and find ways to mitigate them in order to protect the reputation of your company and future business.

HR – Audit of Procedures

Many employers lose Employment Tribunals because of poor procedures or a lack of important documentation.

The purpose of an audit is to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses, with a review of current practices, policies and procedures.

Areas that should be audited include legal compliance, record-keeping, employee relations, terminations and health, safety and security. Organisations also need to ensure compliance with an array of legislation.

Triple Three Solutions will provide an audit to determine what work needs to be done to help protect your business.

HR – Outsource Solution

Outsourcing HR administrative processes can help your business improve efficiency and save money.

We can ease the pain of those distractions, by ensuring your company is legally compliant with a range of specialist services, tailored to meet your needs. This can include advice on hiring and firing decisions. Simply put – how to deal with long term absences, performance and potential disciplinary issues as well as how to go about recruiting the best people to fit in with your long term business objectives.

At Triple Three Solutions, we keep up-to-date with any changes to legislation and can advise you on how to adapt accordingly.

HR – Health and Safety

Let us help you to implement a health and safety policy in your workplace, as required by law.

Addressing health and safety can help protect people in the workplace and bring many benefits to your business – including reduced risk, fewer accidents, lower employee absence and increased productivity because employees are healthier.

We will establish effective ways of meeting health and safety needs in your workplace and ensure everyone is aware of their responsibilities.

Talent Management – Attraction Strategies

It is vital to attract high-quality applicants to work for your business as a first step toward ensuring a productive workforce.

Potential candidates make decisions based on the perception of the job, the organisation as a whole and seek rewards through their work.

At Triple Three Solutions, we use tried and tested methods to help you attract the right candidate. We can train you and your staff to effectively recruit people into your business.

Talent Management – In-house

Talent management is based on the principle a business is only as good as its people. Therefore, it makes sense to have a strategy in place to recruit, develop, reward and retain your staff.

The goal is to create a high-performance, sustainable organisation. Companies that engage in talent management tend to benefit in revenue, customer satisfaction, quality, productivity and cost.

At Triple Three Solutions, we provide services throughout the hiring process and continue to support staff in the workplace.

Talent Management – Succession Planning

This is the process of identifying and developing employees to become potential leaders and managers.

It forms the foundation for coping successfully with staffing surprises, such as the resignation of a key player. It is vital for organisations to identify and develop successors in a competitive marketplace.

Here at Triple Three Solutions, we will help you to address succession planning now –not in the middle of a crisis.

Talent Management