As an HR Consultant in Manchester, I would like to shed some light on the unnecessary stereotypes placed on millennials. I also wish to show you how hiring millennials will really affect your business for the better. However, this may mean challenging your way of thinking.

What is a ‘millennial’?

According to; ‘ Millennials, also known as Generation Y or the Net Generation, are the demographic cohort that directly follows Generation X’.

Simply put, a ‘millennial’ is a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century.

Whilst employers struggle to attract and retain potential young talent, millennials also suffer. Unfortunately, some have labelled these young people as ‘lazy’, ‘entitled’ and ‘self-obsessed’. This misrepresentation is impacting upon their ability to find meaningful employment.

Break the stereotypes:

The millennial generation is in fact, very driven, especially when it comes to working. The goes so far as to call them workaholics. This stereotype of being ‘lazy’ perhaps comes from some millennials being less likely to take jobs just for money. They want their career to coincide with their passions and interests. Millennials have a healthy sense of self-worth – which they won’t sacrifice for money.

This in mind, young people have a desire to earn a steady income just as everyone else does.  The world is getting more expensive, and steady jobs are becoming harder to find. The millennial generation is desperate to be self-sufficient but finding it increasingly difficult to do so. Ask those parents who still have young adults living at home as they can’t yet afford to move out.

Whilst young people thoroughly appreciate the importance of gaining experience, we can’t expect them to be out of pocket. A great way to combat this to benefit both parties is to offer paid internships, apprenticeships, or short-term work experience placements for those still in education.  This allows millennials to learn whilst working, without struggling financially.

I’ve worked with a client who has used this successfully to attract and recruit IT staff from a local university. They have provided a job for when the student leaves University, whilst also offering paid work that fits in with their studies during their final year.

Our HR Consultant in Manchester can advise on how you can take a proactive approach to hiring talented young people, ahead of the competition.

The importance of flexibility:

As an employer, offering flexibility of employment is a great attraction and retention tool; It is even more important for Millennials. Their desire for flexibility can sometimes seem less positive, however, I would suggest the reasons for this approach is the complete opposite.

Who would admit that in their early career that you may not have put your own or your family’s happiness at the front of the queue in order to pursue and fulfil your career goals? Perhaps Gen X and Gen Y have seen this of their own families and want something different for theirs?

Millennials hold time spent outside of work in incredibly high regard. Employers today need to consider that millennials are more likely to prioritise friends, family or and the pursuit of their own personal goals, over doing overtime.

See this as a positive:

It is important to remember that flexible workers are a driving force within the modern day workforce, regardless of demographic.  Whilst millennials may want a particular day or so off, you can be sure that they will be more than willing to put in the work elsewhere.

Millennials are ‘digital native’s – they don’t need to be sitting at a desk in front of a computer to get their work done. Their phone or tablet is often the centre of their world.

Many millennials don’t stop working once they’ve left the office; the development of technology means that work can be continued on the commute, or even from home. Emails, social media and other online resources can all be accessed at the click of a button.

So whilst Millennials may be less likely to stay over hours in the office, they are most likely still working away in their personal time. Young people know best how to utilise technology to benefit both themselves and the company they work for – remember that these digital natives work smartly, so think about how you can capture that and utilise those skills within your company.

Whilst the issue of work flexibility cannot always be altered to suit everyone, there are ways to work around it. At Triple Three Solutions, we can work with you to create an engaging workplace for all of your employees – attracting and retaining talent is key to the growth of any organisation. Think differently, we were all ‘young people’ at one stage, challenging our elders and the way they worked.

Talk to our HR Consultant Lisa, on 0333 050 3330 or via email at – if you want to engage with young talent who want to work and make a meaningful contribution, but have fun too!