Well, are they?  Our HR Consultants in Cheshire recently spoke about the importance of understanding and supporting your employee’s mental health within the workplace https://www.triplethreesolutions.co.uk/hr-advice-on-mental-health/

We discussed the positive and negative effects that an employee’s mental health can have on your business and how, as an employer, you can work together with our HR Consultants in Cheshire to support your employees and your business against absence caused by stress, depression or anxiety.  As a reminder, the Health & Safety Executive states that ‘the total number of cases of work related stress, depression or anxiety in 2015/16 was 488,000 cases, a prevalence rate of 1510 per 100,000 workers’ and this figure is not declining.

I would now like to continue the theme of your employee’s health and switch the focus to physical fitness and how we can encourage a healthy workforce.

We all understand the importance of keeping healthy and exercising – but with work taking up a vast majority of our time, are your employees giving enough importance to their physical fitness? As HR consultants in Cheshire, we understand that we all fall victim to a busy schedule now and again; leaving our health and fitness priorities left behind. However, it is crucial to remember the importance of keeping healthy.

An unhealthy workforce often leads to an unhappy and unproductive team. Sick days and non-productivity can often be a result of feeling run down and unhealthy. It is therefore extremely beneficial to ensure that you and your team are putting time and effort into staying healthy and well. As employers, there are many ways in which you can motivate and encourage your staff and yourself to stay healthy.

How to encourage physical fitness in the workplace:

Lunch Breaks: One of the easiest ways to encourage a healthy lifestyle in work is within the lunch hour. Motivate your staff to get out and about during this time; rather than staying in the office and eating lunch at their desk. Whilst some workplaces may be lucky enough to be situated near a gym, a brisk walk in the park or to and from the coffee shop is a great chance to refresh the mind and do some light exercise.

Friendly Competition: Why not make it a game? With ‘Fitbit’s, ‘Apple Watches’ and pedometers being all the rage these days, most people will have a way to track their activity during the day. Motivate your employees with friendly competition (and perhaps even prizes) for who has done the most steps by the end of the day.

Gym Benefits: As previously mentioned, some workplaces are lucky enough to be situated near a gym. See if there is a way you can offer gym-based perks to your staff.

Walking and using the stairs: If you have stairs in your office, encourage employees to use them instead of the lift. We have mentioned about taking a short walk during lunch breaks;  what about a sponsored event to encourage walking, for example, The Memory Walk on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Society https://www.memorywalk.org.uk/  get fit and raise money for any charity that you support.

Standing Desks: Perhaps not one for everyone, but standing desks are becoming largely seen within the world of work. Standing up whilst working improves posture, burns calories and keeps you moving. Consider offering this to certain employees, or adding a few to your office to give your employees the option.

Active Days Out: Work days out are the perfect opportunity to get your employees active. Whilst team-building, your staff will be developing their physical fitness without even realising. Try as many different activities as possible, as to cater to everyone’s interests. Who knows, someone may find their favourite new hobby!

How Triple Three Solutions can help:

As HR Consultants in Cheshire, we are not physical fitness instructors. However, we can support you in many of the areas we have outlined by working with you. For example;

  • Reviewing how you currently manage absence and are your policies and procedures up to date.
  • Supporting you in all aspects of managing both short term and long term absences; identifying underlying issues and putting a plan together to resolve.
  • Designing and facilitating team building sessions.
  • Working with our partners to provide a solution: We partner with organisations who can offer a wide range of benefits; including gym membership, health insurance (to name just two)  – simple, easy and via an online portal.

To find out more about how Triple Three Solutions can help you with encouraging physical fitness in the workplace; feel free to contact our HR Advisors on 0333 050 3330 or via email at lisa@triplethreesolutions.co.uk.