As June was Pride Month, we think now is a great time to speak about LGBTQ+ inclusivity in the workplace. Remember that we should actively consider this all year round, and not just during one particular month. With this in mind, now is an opportunity to examine equality and acceptance within your business. Improving inclusion not only shows respect to your employees but can have a huge effect on mental health. It is also, more importantly, crucial to protect people both physically and psychologically. Although it has come a long way over the past few decades, there’s still an awful lot to be done in UK workplaces to ensure a safe and happy environment for the LGBTQ+.

‘LGBT+ employees are more likely to experience workplace conflict and harassment than their heterosexual, cisgender counterparts. Forty percent of LGB+ workers and 55% of trans workers have experienced such conflict, compared with 29% of heterosexual, cisgender employees. In addition, a higher proportion of LGB+ workers (16%) feel psychologically unsafe in the workplace compared with heterosexual workers (10%), while for trans workers, this figure is even higher at 18%.’ – CIPD

Here at Triple Three Solutions, we are passionate about people. We work hard to support and empower your employees, create equal opportunities and inclusive workplace culture. Because of this, we’ve outlined some of the main areas to address in your business.

4 Tips for improving inclusivity:

Coaching: Help everyone to learn as much as possible through wellbeing and coaching sessions. Increase understanding and awareness of LGBTQ+ issues through wellbeing and coaching sessions. This should include coaching those in charge of hiring and managing to avoid bias and create a truly diverse team.

Accountability: Be sure to keep your policies updated, with clear expectations and consequences to not adhering to them. Hold your business accountable, and always prioritise bullying and harassment issues. All members of staff should know about the policies and any changes that are made.

Communication: Allow your LGBTQ+ employees to voice their experiences, needs and concerns openly, and make sure to act upon them. Encourage honest conversations and set up safe spaces (such as a group or network) for the community and allies.

Values: To create a truly inclusive workplace, diversity will be visible throughout every area of the business. Keep LGBTQ+ messaging present and active in your business culture and morals at all times. Rather than ‘othering’ the community by only talking about it once a year, it should be included as ‘business-as-usual.

333 Final Thoughts:

As stated earlier, 333 is passionate about people. We are here to help everyone become the best possible versions of themselves, through their careers and otherwise. However, this can’t happen if business owners aren’t also putting the work in to create fair opportunities and spaces that allow all people to thrive. The above is just a small example of how companies can work to create LGBTQ+ inclusivity, but there is a lot that can be done. If you’d like to learn more, or for any other HR advice, please feel free to get in touch. Give us a call on 0333 050 3330, use our contact page or email