Are you looking for a new career in 2016?

January is well known for being a great time to start looking for a new job or a promotion. For many people, the Christmas and New Year break signals a time for a personal change. Many employers wait until the New Year to advertise new positions knowing that January is the time when many people are looking to make changes in their career, be that moving to a new employer, going for a promotion or changing careers entirely. New Year – new start! New Career

In a recent report by online jobs website, 23% of the 1,500 people surveyed had had no career progression throughout their entire career, and 10% had waited more than ten years before gaining career progression. These are quite startling figures prompting the questions are we as employers doing enough to nurture and promote talent internally, are we failing to provide our staff with careers advice and guidance? Or are our employees lacking the ambition and drive to climb the career ladder themselves?

As employers, we understand that the recruitment process can be complex and stressful for both the employer and the potential employee. It does make practical and financial sense to recruit talent internally and promote competent employees where possible. By doing so, you can save on recruitment costs as well as helping employees to feel that they are working hard not only for you but also to progress in their careers.

The report from Monster also found that 29% of employees changed their careers entirely rather than wait to be recognised and trained to the next level in their previous jobs. For many people, especially younger employees, career progression and opportunity to develop is increasingly becoming what attracts them to the workplace. As employers if we create an environment that seeks to nurture the employees we already have, then we may be doing the best thing for our employees and ultimately our business.

But how can we help to reduce staff turnover and keep hold of our existing employees and even encourage them up the career ladder within our own staff structure? Training and development opportunities are a great way to help your employees update their existing skills and learn new ones. This may involve having a career development scheme in place, where managers can identify suitable employees for consideration for career progression and offer them the opportunities to develop accordingly, as well as giving fair consideration to employees requesting flexible working arrangements so they can attend college or university in order to gain the qualifications they need to take their next career step.

For Human Resources advice and career advice, you should turn to your HR Advisor for guidance. Seeking the advice of your HR Consultant in Cheshire will help you to put the right procedures in place to facilitate the career development and career progression of your staff; helping to reduce staff turnover, foster a culture of encouragement and in turn give you a motivated and productive workforce.

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