The ever-changing landscape of 2020 has forced UK businesses to change their every day in unexpected ways. As offices reopen, aspects of work-life must continue to be reinvented to keep everyone safe, happy and productive. The workplace likely won’t return to how we know it until a vaccine is readily available, and we have to adjust suitably and quickly. The future of many UK businesses is uncertain; however, Triple Three Solutions see this as a great opportunity for positive change. One day, we’ll look back at how organisations adapted for the better during a time of global crisis. This in mind, we’re sharing our HR Advice and thoughts on some of the main areas your business can review, reflect and improve upon during this time.

‘A well-planned return to offices can use this moment to reinvent their role and create a better experience for talent, improve collaboration and productivity, and reduce costs. That kind of change will require transformational thinking grounded in facts.’ – 

3 Areas seeing positive change within the office: 

Flexibility & Working from Home (WFH): 

One of the biggest changes that office workers have seen this year has been working from home. Whilst under extreme circumstances, many businesses have benefited from experiencing WFH and flexible working for the first time. As we enter a ‘new normal’, organisations will find what works best for them and their people. However, we must remember what we’ve learnt about WFH and the varying impacts on employees. There are many COVID-19 related factors that require changes to be made. E.G. staggered hours, social distancing, home life, etc. In addition, increased awareness of work-life balance and employee mental health should be taken into account.

In our previous blog, we discussed some of the pros and cons of both WFH and flexible working to help you make an informed decision going forward. 

Workplace Environment: 

A huge difference that employeewill expect to see is increased workplace hygiene and cleaning. Covid-19 has forced us all to rethink our personal hygiene practices, and this is crucial as we return to sharing spaces with others. Of US-based office workers, ‘63% believe there will be an increase in hygienic practices, such as more frequent office cleanings’ – 

Along with cleanliness, business owners are rethinking the workplace in other ways. For many, working from home has shone a light on the importance of the work environment and the need for change. With distancing in mind, employers are assessing how workspaces affect productivity, learning, rest, communication and general happiness. Be this with meeting rooms, desks, or areas for respite, 2020 sees many offices making changes for the better. 

Company Culture & Employee Support: 

Along with changes to the office structure, now is a great time to address other aspects of your business culture. Look at how your company ethics, values and goals align with current policies and practices and make any improvements. Some of the biggest changes we’ve seen so far are in diversity, inclusivity and mental health. These crucial areas can, unfortunately, be overlooked in some organisations, and this shouldn’t be the case. This year has brought to light many HR matters and therefore, is the time to learn and to grow. 

‘The traditional approach to work may not have been as welcoming to those with different capabilities—physically, mentally or socially. But allowing people to work from home has made way for more people to contribute in new ways. ‘ – 

333 Can Help: 

There’s no denying that there’s a lot to think about right now, and pressure on employers to get things right. In this blog, we’ve touched upon just a few aspects of positive change seen in business this year, but there’s much more that could be addressed. The main takeaway is the vital importance of the people in your organisation2020 is the time to ensure your employees come first. Our HR Consultants can work with you to identify potential areas for development and help you to create not only a ‘new normal’ but a better one. For more information or for help with other HR interventions, please get in touch. Call us on 0333 050 3330 or contact us via email at