In August 2015, the Chartered Institute for Personnel Development (CIPD) published the report “Over-qualification and skills mismatch in the graduate labour market” which has made some waves within the HR and Higher Education sectors. The report stated that 58% of UK graduates are in non-graduate jobs and that due to the greater availability of degree courses in the UK, many graduates are being underutilised by the UK job market.

If you’re in business, you will at some time or other have needed to recruit new members of staff to your team. You will have sifted through hundreds or thousands of CVs or job applications to try and find the best person for the job. It’s likely you will have looked at the skills, experience and qualifications of some these applicants and set them to one side for being over qualified. But why is being over qualified a problem? Why do some employers perceive that having too many qualifications is an issue?
recruiting over qualified staff

The main concern employers have with employing someone they think is overqualified is the worry that they will leave quickly once the “find something better”. But if you like the look of the applicant and their skills and experience, it might be worth your while to delve a bit deeper and find out why they want to work for you. Perhaps they’ve recently been made redundant and are looking to make a sideways move; perhaps the applicant is looking to change their career, and they are looking for a lower level job than they used to be in so they can climb the career ladder with you.

As employers, we like to have a stable workforce, a team we can rely on and work with to develop. Casting an applicant aside because we think they might leave quickly before we’ve even spoken to them at interview does them and us a disservice, and it could mean that we are missing out on bringing new and useful skills and knowledge into our teams.

Of course employing a graduate into a non-graduate role does mean we run the risk of them flying the nest sooner rather than later, but it could be an exciting opportunity to develop that person within your business at grass-level, and then once they’ve proved themselves they could be developed further and climb the career ladder within your business.

Recruitment is rarely a simple process; it can be hard to find the right person lurking in a stack of CVs, and perhaps the right person would be the over-qualified person you’ve already over looked. For help and advice with your recruitment process, or about selecting the right person for your team, enlist the help of expert HR Consultancy Services in Cheshire who will have the skills and knowledge you need to help grow your business and manage your teams effectively.

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