Recruitment has traditionally meant having your pick of a pool of fantastic prospective employees, but these days’ talented candidates are increasingly in demand, and so competition is very fierce. Recruitment now is more about selling your business and role to the candidates in order to ensure that you get the right fit for you – so here are our tips for how to go about it:

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Ensure Role is Clearly Defined

Taking the time to define exactly what the job entails, and what you are looking for in a candidate can pay dividends in the long run. Make sure you know exactly what the role will cover, and identify the skills and experience required to fulfil the role successfully. This will ensure that both you and the candidate know exactly what is expected.

Look for Candidates in the Right Places

The right person for your role is out there – but you won’t attract them unless they know about you and your vacancy. There are also a lot of fantastic candidates who may not even be actively looking for a new role – so you will have to be creative about how you find them! Don’t just think about using job boards for your particular industry, but also forums and even social media.

Ensure Your Recruitment Process is Fast Moving

The job market is fierce and so great candidates will be snapped up quickly. Keep candidates informed of their progress at all stages of the process, and you will alleviate any anxieties they may have which might nudge them to look elsewhere.

Communicate well in the Interview

Effective interview preparation is not just for candidates – interviewers should ensure they are fully prepped too. Make sure you put the candidate at ease, and ask them the right questions which are competency based in order to ensure the interview is a success, and you get the right person for the role.

Take the time in the interview to talk about your company in a positive light too. Talk about bonuses, any flexible working conditions, parking, etc. Even if the candidate is not right for the role you have at the moment, you may find a more suitable role for them in the future and they will be more likely to respond positively if they have a clear understanding of your company.

Once you have found the right person for the job, how do you keep them? There are lots of different reasons why employees may decide to leave your company, but here are a few of the most common:

Not Enjoying Their Role

Seems pretty straightforward, but most great people aren’t driven by money or power, but about something they are passionate about. If you don’t take the time to get to know what makes them tick, and channel their energies into projects that they can really get their teeth into, then you will end up with bored disenchanted people who will go elsewhere to fuel their dreams.

Clear Career Development Plans

Our last point ties in with this – as well as having an effective annual review of performance, you should take the time to sit down with your staff and discuss their career development. Let them know that you are interested in their long-term future and that there is determined path for them going forward, and they will be more likely to stick around.

Involve them in the Company’s Vision

The best people often want to share their views and be listened too. Talk to them about your vision for the business, and let them have some input. Listen to their points of view about the vision and the strategy and try and incorporate some of their better ideas. Let them know that you are listening to their views, and you value them, and you will have an employee for life.

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