Do you need Recruitment process help ?

recruitment process help

The recruitment of new members of staff is something all businesses will need to tackle at some point. Whether you are experienced in recruiting staff or new to the role of employer, it is always wise to keep up to date with current rules and regulations on recruitment and employment law. If you are unsure and feel you need extra expertise in this area, then bringing in additional support via HR consultancy services could be the solution to your recruitment woes.

During the recruitment process your business is legally required to adhere to some rules, these are mainly centred around discrimination and ensuring your potential employees have the legal right to work in the UK. From the publication of your job advert to shortlisting, interviewing and checking references, each stage is governed by the need to ensure that your recruitment process is equal and fair.

Bringing in additional expertise and HR consultancy services can mean you avoid making potentially serious errors during the recruitment process. Understanding how to word your adverts, job descriptions and person specifications to avoid accusations of discrimination and to underline the inclusive environment you work in which is wholly supportive of all candidates is just the start. Shortlisting candidates solely based on their skills, knowledge and experience is important, with many larger companies restricting access to personal information such as age, gender and ethnicity until after the shortlisting stage.

Once you have a pool of suitable candidates, you will need to interview them to determine their suitability for the role. Many teams and managers like to bring in external help during the interviews to ensure that the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed, not to mention the right candidate picked for the job. Often the interview panel will consist of the team manager, their senior and someone from the HR department who will act to ensure that the process is above board. With more senior roles, or where a company does not have and HR department, an HR consultant may be brought in to assist.

Having a set list of questions to ask prior to the start of the interview is recommended, with the panel discussing beforehand the kind of answers they are ideally looking for from the candidates. Each question must be checked to make sure that it can legally be asked, you cannot for example ask a parent how they will manage their childcare, nor can questions about a candidate’s gender, sexual preferences, lifestyle choices, marital status or religion be asked, unless there is an exemption under the Equality Act 2010.

Advertising, shortlisting and interviewing are only the start of the complex recruitment process. There is potentially a legal minefield to navigate before you even make a job offer to your chosen candidate. If you and your business find recruitment daunting, then help is readily available, bringing in HR consultancy services can be an inexpensive way to bring experience and expertise to your recruitment and selection process.

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