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HR Advice: How to deal with under-performing employees

Unmotivated and disengaged employees can damage your business in the long run. By lessening morale and productivity, under-performing staff can have a detrimental effect on your team. However, there is often an underlying reason for a dip in motivation. In this blog, Triple Three Solutions want to give some advice on how to find fair [...]

Would you drive a car without proper insurance?

You may think you are covered until you read the small print; or you may decide to run the risk of breaking the law by not getting any cover in the first place. I’m sure the latter isn’t you – but the former may be. We all make decisions based on what the internet says [...]

4 HR Top Tips for Hiring your First Employees

So you want to employ someone? If you are an owner of a small business, you may often hear - DON'T! “Employees are a nightmare”, according to some, but have you considered that those giving the advice have created their own horror story. We have talked about how to recruit, engage with and retain employees [...]

You’ve hired them; but how do you inspire them to stay?

Previously we have discussed attracting the right talent for your company; so now you have recruited great employees, how do you keep them? Recruiting and retaining a strong workforce pays – high engagement of employees equals improved customer and employee retention and an improvement in profitability. It’s common sense! You’ve done the hard bit, finding [...]

HR Advice on Mental Health & Wellbeing at Work in Cheshire

According to Business in the Community, ‘Workplace mental health is a collective responsibility’. As an employer, it is important to recognise when your staff may be under too much stress and know how to help them to manage it by creating an environment that encourages conversations that negate stigma around mental health.  As an HR [...]

How Can Flexible Working Benefit You And Your Employees?

In 2014 employees who had worked for a company for a minimum of 26 weeks won the statutory right to request flexible working. Flexible working comes in a number of different forms; it could be part time working, flexitime, reduced or compressed hours, job sharing and shift work, or the ability to work some of [...]

Recruiting additional help with your recruitment process – part three

Recruitment Help...we are here to help! This is the third and final blog in our short series about navigating the recruitment process. In the first blog post we looked at advertising, shortlisting and interviewing and in our second blog we looked at making a job offer and undertaking some pre-employment checks. In our final instalment, [...]