The Great Resignation.

Headlines have been dominated by the Great Resignation for the past year:

Try not to panic too much, as whilst the term ‘great’ does sound intimidating, it’s worth breaking down what exactly is meant by this and it might affect your business.

Great Resignation: The Facts

This phenomenon originally started to come about in February of 2021, according to Anthony Klotz who coined the term himself in a Bloomberg interview and spiralled from there.

The western world has undergone a huge wave of resignations within the last year. This continues onwards into 2022, as even stated by Klotz himself in a recent article.

“We’ll see another big quitting wave in 2022.”  Klotz, 2022

In the UK alone, staggering figures have been reported by the Office for National Statistics, showing that figures have jumped exponentially within the last few years.

For example, from July to September of 2021, a total of 391,000 individuals resigned from their positions in the UK, compared to the same time period last year being 105,000.

So, what are the reasons so many UK workers are resigning from their positions?

Top 3: Great Resignation Reasons

There have been numerous studies created tackling the reasons employees are resigning from their positions, some of which were created by Personia and Opinium, and MIT SMR.

Both reported similar findings and showed some of the major problem areas that are leading employees to resign.

We’ve put together the top 3 reasons UK workers are leaving their jobs; which is important to know and understand for your employees in your own business.

  • Toxic Work Culture

Harassment, bullying, discrimination, are some of the qualities identified within a toxic workplace environment.

Experiencing some of these areas as an employee, owner, or member of management can understandably affect one’s mental health, work ethic, and overall faith in their company, thus leading to resignations.

There are a number of things you should be doing in your business to fight back against the toxic work culture phenonium, which we’ve broken down for you.

You should:

Admit faults and learn from them

If you’ve had negative feedback from an employee about their experience at your company, use it as a learning experience, and act on it.

Have the proper HR systems in place

Employees should feel safe in their workplace. So, if issues arise, you should have a proper system in place for those who feel toxicity is present and affecting them.

We can also help you with this at Triple Three Solutions. We have many years of experience in building proper systems that put employees first and make workers feel protected and listened to.

So, get in contact with us for further guidance.

  • Work and Personal Life Imbalance

The zigzagging of working from home to working back in offices full-time has made settling back into a good working routine incredibly difficult for some.

Some thrive on rolling out of bed, straight to working in their home office. But others may have difficulty in switching off in the evenings once their laptops are closed.

Every business sector is different, as some are committing to full-time flexible working and others going back to the office from 9 to 5. Either way, your own company should be helping its workers settle into their new normal.

You should:

Communicate with each and every person

Having a system in which individuals can communicate their thoughts and feelings is a key area of importance. Make sure people know they will always have someone to turn to in times of crisis.

Support your employees

Team meetings, self-care days, and one-to-ones, all of these things can give a needed boost to those struggling in these uncertain times. If you have a mixed team of flexible workers, find ways of engaging everyone together. No one should feel alone.

We also recommend this resource by Thanks Ben, which gives some further pointers on how you can accommodate your workers in these changing times.

  • Pay Cuts and Furlough

The cost of living is on the rise, but businesses of all kinds are still struggling to get back on their feet.

Pay cuts are unfortunately something many workers are having to deal with, and with that comes a reason for resigning.

Plus, with furlough schemes ending last year, employers are also struggling to fill the spot.

You should:

Conduct regular reviews and chats

The end-of-year review is unhelpful and pretty demotivating. Speak to your employees every month, it’s particularly important when employees are working remotely. A review should be so much more than just the job!

Have a proper review system set up for all of those within your business; including yourself.

Everyone’s roles in a business change and more responsibilities are taken on all the time. So, make sure those who are taking on more are recognized for it and don’t expect people to do more and more without being rewarded.

Be understanding to your employees

The last couple of years have created frustrations at work and at home; furlough schemes, uncertainty at work; together with the toll it has taken on health and wellbeing. Understanding those frustrations is the first step.

The ongoing increase in the cost of living will only add to those frustrations, forcing employees to consider what their options are.

Understand those frustrations, whatever they might be, and just do your best to understand. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Be honest and show you understand their frustrations, and where you can provide help, help. It costs more to recruit a new employee than it does to retain a great employee.

Wrapping Up

As a business owner in the UK, you should know how this could be affecting your own company. So, learning what you can do to improve your own working environment is of its utmost importance.

Avoid the dilemma of having to try and ‘save’ someone from leaving – think about now how you can retain key staff before they become a ‘great resignation’ statistic.

What can you do to prevent this? Taking into account the recommendations in our blog, coupled with the needs of your business, is key to holding a positive and strong workforce, and of course, talk to us here at Triple Three.

David C. Novak once said:

“When you put people first and then surround them with processes and disciplines that recognize their efforts, performance will soar.”
– David C. Novak, founder and CEO of oGoLead

And it’s so true. Making sure your employees know they’re appreciated; means you’ll go far.

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