Business behaviours, or ‘behavioural frameworks’ are essential within the workplace as they work in accordance with a business’s values and culture whilst helping to overall “better manage expectations, relationships and overall performance” (

What do we mean by ‘Behavioural Framework’?

Behavioural frameworks can be defined as “an agreement we make as a team around the behaviours we will accept or wont on our team” (Ray Mclean, 1992, They are used within professional development within the business as a whole along with an individual’s job role. A business behaviour framework identifies the ways of acting and the skills that bring to life the culture, values and goals of the company.

UCL identified a core behaviours framework to establish what the most important aspects are within in a business; how to behave and co-operate to ultimately compliment the business culture, values and reach your goals. Following on from our previous blogs in this three part series, Triple Three Solutions has identified 3 of the key areas of this framework.

Leading by example:

In order for business values and culture to thrive, managing teams must lead by example whilst also presenting themselves as approachable. They must make sure they include all employees and consider all ideas for decision making. They make sure the team is functioning correctly and efficiently, in order to reach the overall goals for the company. 


It goes without saying that communication is a vital part of a business’s behaviour and it is made apparent from the get go that any employee must be able to have strong communications skills inside and outside of the office environment. Not only must businesses have a strong level of communication with clients, it is just as important to communicate effectively and work collaboratively within the company itself. Therefore, it is crucial that management communicates values and goals to all employees in order for them to practice and apply them within their everyday work.

Team Development:

Within any team, it’s important to be ever-growing, learning and developing in order to reach the main business goals. Management roles should encourage personal and team growth continuously through their work and motivate employees regularly. This naturally leads to an increase in the productivity of work and therefore overall client satisfaction. With a strong team comes strong ideas and hand-in-hand, a strong business culture, which always leads to a positive outcome. 

Overall, Triple Three Solutions believes that with a strong behavioural framework in place, where management leads by example whilst the team communicate effectively and develop: a business will be effective in following their values and reaching their goals. Taking all of the above into consideration, this can help lead to business success. For more information on how Triple Three Solutions can help you with the behavioural framework of your business, or for any other HR advice, please get in touch. Give our HR consultants a call on 0333 050 3330, use our contact page or reach us via email at