I recently read an interesting article on the CIPD website, about how ‘SME’s that don’t engage with HR are putting themselves at risk‘. As an HR Consultant in Manchester and Cheshire, this got me thinking.

The backbone and arguably, most important part of any business, is the employees that make up the workforce. Therefore, why are SME’s less likely to ensure they are looking out for their staff, with a strong set of HR practices, policies and procedures? Perhaps this is due to a lack of knowledge about how outsourcing HR services can benefit your business and the negatives of the absence of HR dedication. In this blog, Triple Three Solutions will discuss our opinion on some of the issues this can cause, as we explore the importance of HR for SMEs in Manchester and Cheshire.

What happens if you fail to prioritise HR?

Obviously, the answer to this question can differ dramatically from business to business. Some organisations may experience more HR problems than others. With most SMEs, a strong, positive, working relationship between staff and managers is crucial, as every team member plays a vital role. When working within smaller businesses, the smooth running of operations relies heavily upon good communication and teamwork. Without great HR practices and procedures, these important factors can become weakened, in turn having a negative impact on the company.

According to Penny Whitelock, some of the most common HR issues seen in SME’s are as follows:

  1. Poor recruitment: jobs are given to family and friends who managers are then reluctant to manage; poor pre-recruitment screening; promotion decisions are based on length of service, not quality of skills.

  2. Inefficient performance management: people are moved to a new role because they were unable to do the one they had. No paper trails in place to show how objectives have been set, nor is training and coaching given. No protection for the manager or the employee, and reduced efficiency.

  3. Unmanaged absence: no return-to-work interviews; poor tracking; unhappy workers who are picking up the workload of absent colleagues.

  4. Poor retention of the right people.

  5. Inadvertent law-breaking.

Outsourcing HR:

By outsourcing your HR, you remove the risk of being side-tracked from the smooth running of your business. With constantly changing regulations and needs; finding the time to balance HR problems with operating your company can be overwhelming. Without having someone solely dedicated to HR, these issues often become procrastinated and left behind. By sourcing an experienced professional, you safeguard your company by providing secure HR solutions.

Triple Three Solutions are trained to manage the above and more, whilst helping to protect both your organisation and workforce. Whilst you concentrate elsewhere, our HR Advisors take care of all HR responsibilities; including career and talent management, employee engagement and retention etc.

An investment worth making:

A potential reason that SME’s may neglect HR could be due to financial strain. Outsourcing HR can be seen as a costly and time consuming convenience, however, in reality, failing to properly engage with HR can cause extreme problems in the long run, be this financial or otherwise. All organisations, be they SMEs or not, can increase longevity and employee productivity by providing great HR.

To learn more about protecting your business with strong HR practices, contact us onĀ 0333 050 3330 or via email at lisa@triplethreesolutions.co.uk.