We are through the first month of 2019 and how many of your resolutions have you started? Whatever your resolution, from drinking more water and joining a gym, to saving money or travelling more, this is the month when we ‘put a line in the sand’ and we all strive to make improvements in our personal lives.

So what resolutions have you set for your business? This is a great time to reflect on what’s worked well and possibly not so well, so that you can do more of the things that you love and less of the thing you don’t. We have spoken with a few clients over the last few months who have needed our services to support them with the tasks that they aren’t so good at to leave them free to focus on their business goals and do what they really enjoy, which is predominantly to share their products or services with  customers or clients whilst providing them with the best experience possible. At Triple Three Solutions, we are here to support you achieve your people resolutions and below are just a few ideas of how we have helped.

Update HR policies & procedures:

With the world of HR ever-changing, it is crucial that you stay up-to-date. Take time during this early part of the year to review your current policies and make any changes necessary. Find out what works best for your business by asking your employees which policies they value the most. This will help you gain an understanding of any changes that need to be made and increase employee morale. Remember our ‘6 Ps” Proper Policies and Procedures Prevent Panic Payouts if this is a resolution that’s been on the list for some time, we can assist to get this one ticked off.

Maintaining your employee records:

To file or not to file? How many of you can lay your hands on your employee records?  Do you have several spreadsheets that don’t talk to each other and who controls that data? Is it stored safely – on someone laptop or on a shared drive? Are all your documents in a filing cabinet, if so who has the key? If things are stored manually, have you thought about a system that could store your data in the cloud both safely and securely within privacy and GDPR guidelines, that can be accessed via your computer or phone? If this is a resolution you would like to explore, we can help with cost-effective solutions that don’t break the bank.

Improve your recruitment process:

A new year will likely bring new employees, which means hours of recruiting to go through. By outsourcing your talent acquisition and management, you can streamline your recruitment process to save time whilst finding the best candidates for your organisation. Regardless of how you recruit – direct or via an agency – it’s important you get this right. Is there a job description? Who will they report to? What does the recruitment process reflect about the job and the company?

How do you ensure that you have all the right documentation for them to start? Have you sent an offer letter, have you sent out references; what about terms and conditions of employment? How you treat people in this early stage sets the tone for how engaged with your business they will be. Remember that employee engagement begins as soon as someone applies for the position, not just once they have been given the job. How people are made to feel during the first few months of employment is critical, whether it’s a senior director or a first job – you set the tone for your business. If improving the process to improve retention is something you would like to resolve, then we can help you.

Prioritise employee wellness:

Speaking of employee morale, it is more crucial to ensure you are considering staff well-being. With work-related stress and anxiety accounting for over half of the working days missed in 2017/18 (the telegraph), this year is the time for change. Be it work/life balance, bullying in the workplace, workload stress or anything else, there are many factors that may need to be addressed. Be sure to get regular feedback from your employees to check in on these issues.  Health and wellbeing in the workplace and how you deal with it makes all the difference to those you employ. Why not talk to use to see how we can help you to help your team?

That’s just a few of our ideas for improving your business in 2019. For any help with making your own business goals this year, or for any other HR advice, please feel free to get in touch. Contact our HR Advisors on 0333 050 3330 or via email at lisa@triplethreesolutions.co.uk.