As a company who offer help with HR in Cheshire, we work with many Human Resources teams on a daily basis. This has given us a great overview of the kinds of issues that they are facing, both in enforcing policies across their business and also within the HR department itself. So, we have pulled together a list of a couple of the main issues facing HR teams today and what our advice as HR Consultants would be to overcome these problems.

Employee Retention

Many people mistakenly believe that the main task of an HR department is to source and recruit new talent into the business – but they are wrong. This is a very important task, yes, but the majority of the HR Department work is actually based around retaining the existing talent within the business. Attracting employees is tough, but once you actually have them and have invested time and money in them, this valuable asset of yours needs to be protected. The conditions within the labour market are improving every day, and there are more and more opportunities for employees, so how can you ensure that they stay with your company for as long as possible?

Well, the answer lies in having a strong employer brand. HR teams need to work on building great working cultures involving civility and respect in the workplace, strong security measures, and corporate social responsibility initiatives and so on. Balancing this culture with the right remuneration and incentives packages will go a long way to ensuring your treasured employees stay as your employee for longer.

Professional HR Advice

Flexibility and Outsourcing

With many new developments in technology taking place on a daily basis, there has never been more opportunity for flexibility and increased productivity in the world of work. Developments such as crowd sourcing, talent networks and working in the ‘cloud’ are all great opportunities for employers to augment their existing skill base without needing to invest in permanently hiring new people. However, working with a virtual workforce will be challenging in itself both from an employee management and a team-building point of view.

To solve this, HR teams should keep the same records of freelance and outsourced staff as they do of permanent staff, not least so that they know whether to re-hire that person in the future or not. They should also undergo standard employment induction training like the rest of your staff. Also make sure to invite them to regular meetings and team get-togethers so that they feel like part of the team and everyone treats them as such.

Health & Safety

There seems to have been a lot more instances of workplace violence and political or social instability in places in recent months, causing a rising sense of insecurity in employees on a global scale. One of Human Resources’ main tasks is to ensure that the company is meeting its legal obligations as regards health and safety of both employees and the public in general. This is really important in the case of any issues arising, as HR will be called upon to demonstrate that the business has done all that is reasonably expected of it.

Your HR department should, therefore, keep accurate records of course attendance and training attended by each employee, and anything else that is specific to health and safety documentation depending on the nature of your business. For example, if an employee attends a course on personal safety and that of those around them, this is important to note in case there are any issues in the future.

This is just a brief overview of some of the issue facing HR teams today. As a company who help businesses with all aspects of HR in Manchester, if you would like to talk to us about anything to do with HR then please call us on 0161 300 1214 or email us at