When you’re running an SME, it’s only natural to wonder at what point you need to make human resources a consideration. Approached correctly, outsourcing your HR can provide access to expert knowledge, skills and support, and enable your business to make positive long-term business decisions, without the expense of hiring a full-time expert.

As a small to medium business with less than 50 employees, your business is the prime candidate to outsource its HR. If you’re already dealing with hiring, firing and management of employees, you’ll understand the headaches caused by spending more time than you’d like to on activities that don’t feel like they’re either getting the job done or generating revenue.

HR related tasks can be extremely time consuming – and time is money for small businesses. That’s why many people find they can actually work more cost-effectively by outsourcing these time consuming tasks, instead focusing their efforts on their core business (and making money in the process).

Organisations benefit immensely from the experience a dedicated HR expert can bring. As opposed to tacking the task onto the job description of a director with limited or outdated experience in the sector.

What does an HR person do?

Outsourcing your HR can mean passing a number of tasks onto a consultant. These tasks may include, but are not limited to, to following:

  • redundancy and dismissals
  • discrimination claims
  • legal support for policies and contracts
  • recruitment
  • training
  • talent management

Whether you’ve come across an HR issue that needs resolving fast, or you’re planning for the future, there is no better time than the present to choose your a consultant and factor them into your business plans. Talk to Triple Three Solutions today.