It happens more often than you think. You’ve been working through the recruitment process for weeks, trying to find the perfect match for your businesses vacancy. Finally, you’ve found the ideal candidate; but confusingly, they drop out. Not surprisingly, there are many reasons why this could happen. In this blog, our HR Advisors are going to discuss some of the possible reasons why you are losing potential employees and how to avoid it in the future.

What causes people to drop out of the recruitment process?


One of the biggest reasons for candidates to drop out is that it is taking too long. When looking for a new job, people don’t want to be waiting around, wondering whether or not they have got the role. It can lead to candidates assuming that they weren’t wanted, getting a bad impression of your business, or being offered a position somewhere else. It is therefore important to make your decisions quickly and offer them the job ASAP; before they become disinterest and move on to accept a counter offer.


This in mind, the task of hiring can sometimes take a long time; with multiple interviews to conduct and big decisions to be made. Therefore, whilst you perhaps can’t offer the job position straight away, you must keep the candidate up-to-date. A lack of communication from the employer is another huge reason why candidates back out. By updating them as much as you can, you show that you value their time whilst also keeping them interested in the role.


One of the most obvious reasons that people drop out of the recruitment process is being unable to attend an interview. Some candidates may be unable to take time off work, etc. It is therefore important that you offer flexible interview times as much as possible, such as offering after work hours. This also shows that you respect their time and don’t expect them to drop everything for you.


Current and ex-employees, previous customers etc all can have an affect on how your business is perceived to potential employees. However, in this day and age, one of the first things that job seekers do is to search for the company online. This allows them to get a better feel for the organisation and the business’ morals. It is therefore crucial to be aware of your businesses online presence, be this your website, social media, customer reviews or anything else.

How Triple Three Solutions can help:

One of the easiest solutions to the above problems and more, is it outsource all or some of your hiring process. This can take a huge amount of time, resources and stress off of you, allowing you to focus on the smooth running of your business. For more information on how Triple Three Solutions can help, or for any HR Advice, please get in touch. Give our HR Consultants a call on 0333 050 3330 or contact us via email at